Yasmina and a health care assistant baking together.

For you and your child

At Demelza, we are here for you and we will listen to you. We've answered some of the questions you may have.
Ralph and his brother in the soft play ball pit at Demelza Kent.

Support for siblings

At Demelza support is available for the siblings of a child with a serious or terminal condition.
The sun rises over the garden of tranquillity on a frosty morning.

Support for grandparents

At Demelza support is available for the grandparents of a child with a serious or terminal condition.

Zak's story

"Our lovely boy Zak was a force to be reckoned with. He was so different to his two much quieter, older brothers, Harry and Tom. Zak may have been the youngest of the family but he was certainly the loudest and brightest person in the room.

"Our darling Zak died on a Wednesday. Not long after he passed, the Demelza team arrived and took control and we felt an enormous sense of relief when they removed all of the medical paraphernalia from the living room. We needed to have Zak free from the equipment and medications that had consumed his short life for so long.

"Demelza has since offered bereavement support for our family, including a siblings group for Tom with other children who have lost a brother or sister. 

"Zak made a huge impact on the lives of everyone who he met and we’re determined for his memory to live on."

Zak enjoying ice skating, wearing a blue bobble hat.

Julie and Liam's story

“I spent 10 minutes with my baby granddaughter Jade when she was alive. In those precious moments I introduced myself as ‘Nanny Nash’, I held her tiny hand through the incubator, and then, I said goodbye.

"I wish I could’ve had longer. But I feel so incredibly grateful every day for the 10 minutes I had with her" share Julie.

Jade's grandad, Liam says: “Without Demelza, I wouldn’t have had the chance to say hello – and goodbye - to my baby granddaughter. Without Demelza, we wouldn’t have the memories that we have of Jade. Without Demelza, it would have been a different and even more tragic experience."

Jade's uncle and grandfather sit next to her as she lays in an incubator.
Lucy and mum Sam, smiling, wearing matching pink t-shirt.
Lucy's story

We recently caught up with Sam, Lucy’s mum to find out more about their family, who have been accessing services at Demelza Hospice Care for Children in Sittingbourne for six years.

Family Liaison Practitioner, Teresa sits in front of her computer, smiling.
Meet Family Liaison Practitioner, Teresa

Family Liaison Practitioner, Teresa, shares an insight into what her normal day looks like within Demelza's family support team.

Bethany enjoys a art activity with a Demelza health care assistant helping, crouched down beside her.
Making our creative services inclusive and accessible during COVID-19

We pride ourselves in having a dedicated Creative Arts Therapy Team that provide individual, family and group sessions. Music and art therapy use creative experiences to target specific therapeutic outcomes.

Hallie playing the keyboard in the music room.
Embracing the creative arts

At Demelza, we use creative arts to embrace the fun, the sad, the silly and the precious, unforgettable moments of family life, intertwining the arts amongst regular care service provision in every way possible.

The garden of tranquillity at Demelza's Kent hospice, during spring, with flowers blooming and trees and bushes looking lovely and green,
Support for grandparents at Demelza

The grandparent and grandchild relationship is a very special one and to mark Grandparents Day, we take a look at the ways in which Demelza can support grandparents to work through their own grief.

Two volunteers wearing Demelza t-shirts are taking part in an outdoor activity.
Work in their shoes with Sophie

"What I don’t often get to see is first-hand experiences of the families we work with benefiting from Demelza’s support and hearing the impact of this support directly from the horse’s mouth. And that’s why I felt so lucky to be a part of the Sibling Residential Trip last month."

Family Support Team

Our Family Support Team have a variety of expertise surrounding family liaison, bereavement support, therapies and family events.

Using our knowledge and experience, we can offer you, and your family, bespoke emotional, practical, social and advocacy support.

Family Support Team