Demelza is striving to continually improve its approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.

This is to ensure that:

  • all people feel welcome and comfortable when receiving care or support from Demelza
  • that we have a diverse staff and volunteer workforce that benefits from the innovation and richness that diversity brings
  • that we are playing our part in making a fairer society by tackling prejudice and privilege

The steps we're taking

To achieve this we work to develop our knowledge, skills and awareness of diversity. This includes considering how our care and support can be improved for people from all cultures, those with faiths, beliefs and religions and those without. We proactively seek to identify and remove prejudice and discriminatory practices relating to race, ethnicity, culture, sex, sexuality, gender and transgender, disability, age, marriage or partnership status, and social class.

We are seeking to build a network of stakeholders who can help us engage with people we are less successful in reaching and we publish plans within our strategy against which we can be held to account.

We have identified that we need to improve in racial equality and have committed to addressing this problem. Whilst we are proud that the profiles of our service-users match the ethnic profiles of the communities in which we work, this is not the case for our workforce or leadership roles. We are formulating a plan, with support, to address this serious issue, for the benefit of the people and communities we serve and to improve our organisation. We welcome the advice and guidance of anyone who can help us achieve this aim.

Please note that you can also read our Gender Pay Gap Report.