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For just £1 a week you get the chance to win £1,000 with our Lotto and help terminally ill children and their families.

For a chance to win a whopping £25,000, enter our Superdraw

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About the Lottery

A simple way to support hospice care for children

We’ve all daydreamed about how we’d spend a lucky windfall, or how we could treat our loved ones with some extra cash. For Demelza children and their families, the most valuable thing we can give is care.

Our Lottery is one of the simplest and sustainable ways you can support Demelza. Collectively, our members make a huge difference, because the money raised by our lottery provides vital regular income that helps us to reach more children and families.

From as a little as £2 week, you have the chance to win a whopping £25,000 on our Superdraw or 53 weekly other cash prizes with our Lotto.

If you'd like to know more about supporting Demelza by joining our Lottery call 01795 845224.


Why join?

Becoming a member of the Demelza Lottery is one of the easiest ways to make a regular donation, for the small cost of £1 per week for the Lotto, or £2 a week if you would like to also be entered into the Superdraw. This support is extremely valuable as it provides us with a dependable source of income that helps us to plan for the future.

How does it work?

It costs £1 a week for each draw (to play the Superdraw you must be a current weekly Lotto paying member). You'll receive a unique membership number which will be entered into the weekly prize draw following receipt of your payment. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can buy as many entries as you like.

In the case of the Superdraw, if no winner is selected the prize fund will rollover to the following week, up to a maximum of £25,000. At this stage all paying members will be entered into a number of free draws until a winner is selected. 

What prizes can I win?

By playing the Lotto from as little as £1 a week, you will have the chance to win £1,000 and 52 other cash prizes, ranging from £5 to £100. By entering our Superdraw for an extra £1 a week, you will have the chance of winning up to a whopping £25,000.

How will I know I've won?

The Lotto draw is held every Friday and lucky prize winners are securely selected at random, with cheques posted to winners. The Superdraw is also drawn on a Friday and the winner will be notified by phone.  

Winning numbers are published weekly on our Winner results page.

Read our Terms and Conditions for more details on the rules of play.

Winners stories

Thank you for playing your part in our care

With our Lottery, everyone is a winner. By playing you will be helping to fund vital care for families and you could net a weekly Lotto prize of £1,000 or up to £25,000 with the Superdraw. Don't just take our word for it - hear from our lucky winners.


Our Superdraw is a weekly rollover draw. The maximum amount that can be won is £25,000. There is not a guaranteed weekly prize.

From your £1/week membership, 30p goes into the prize fund 70p goes back to support the children and families at Demelza.