The grandparent and grandchild relationship can be very special and no-one expects their grandson or granddaughter to die before they do.

As grandparents, you may feel the need to care for your child, now the parent, whilst working through your own grief.

Our support group for bereaved grandparents is available for those struggling with their grief and to share experiences with those who have also experienced the loss of a beloved grandchild. 

Grandfather John speaks of his experience

John's grandson, Benjamin, was born with severe brain damage and came to Demelza for end of life care.

"The benefit and the accessibility is there for everybody and that is huge. It's huge to know that if you're feeling down you can just pick up the phone and have that conversation." - John

Julie, Jade's nanny

“I spent 10 minutes with my baby granddaughter Jade when she was alive. In those precious moments I introduced myself as ‘Nanny Nash’, I held her tiny hand through the incubator, and then, I said goodbye. 

When Jade died our world fell apart. I grieved for my loss but also for the pain that my daughter Claire and son-in-law Wayne were feeling. There was nothing I could do to alleviate it; I felt completely helpless.  But thanks to Demelza, our family were given more time with Jade to make precious memories. I visited her in a special bereavement bedroom at the hospice called The Butterfly Suite.

I am thankful every day for those 10 minutes and I’m so very proud of Claire and Wayne for all they are doing to raise funds for Demelza in Jade’s memory."

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Two grandparents look in on their baby granddaughter, who is laying in an incubator.

Liam, Jade's 'grandowd'

“Without Demelza I wouldn’t have had the chance to say hello – and goodbye - to my baby granddaughter. Without Demelza, we wouldn’t have the memories that we have of Jade. Without Demelza, it would have been a different and even more tragic experience. 

Jade was born in the middle of a COVID-19 lockdown and the situation was so isolating. The amazing team of Demelza nurses enabled the wider family to visit Jade at the hospice; where we could also be a support to my son Wayne, his wife Claire and my grandson Elijah. 

When we were at Demelza, the nurses were always there in the background. Now and again they would appear with a coffee in hand and a smile on their face. They were amazing with Jade’s brother Elijah and would whisk him away to do fun activities. He never had to worry about a thing."

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Jade's uncle and grandfather sit next to her as she lays in an incubator.