Our transition plans at Demelza

At Demelza, we have exciting plans for how we intend to develop our Transition Service and are looking for a passionate Transition Lead to help make this happen, by developing and implementing our new Transition Framework.

We know that there is a range of challenges the families we support currently face when it comes to transitioning into adulthood. From losing familiar paediatric medical and social support that families have received for years; parents’ wishes not being taken into consideration or even ignored when it comes to medical decisions; families having to fight for the support or funding they are entitled to.

As we develop our Transition services, this will directly impact and benefit those aged 14-25, offering advice, support and information to navigate this very challenging time. Empowering to ask the right questions to receive the support they need.

What do we mean by transitions?

Transition isn’t a single event but a gradual process of supporting a young person and their family through their adolescence and into adulthood.

For both the young person and their families/parents/carers this is building their trust and confidence and ability to plan ahead for the care and support they will need into adulthood.

Transition Lead job

We are looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual to support the implementation and development of a new Transition Framework.

Do you want to be instrumental in shaping and taking forward support for young people, their families and carers in transition?

You will have significant experience working with adolescents with complex needs. Demonstrating a clear understanding of the changes they face and the impact of transitioning out of children’s hospice care. You will have experience of working in a health care, social care or education setting.

Our plans for transitions

We will create a social care model of support for young people up to the age of 25. To do this we will start working with families to provide transition support initially from the age of 16 but eventually from 14, developing and implementing a transition pathway and framework. Our aim is to help parents and carers have the right information at the right times.

Over time, we will develop support for the young person themselves in accessing education, employment or volunteering opportunities, supported living, sexual health and we will continue to advocate for our parents, carers and young people.

We want to build on our successes, such as the Transition Masterclass Workshop we delivered with Rett UK and Battens Disease Family Association. Therefore, we will organise more peer support networks where families can share ideas, stories, challenges and successes. These will not only help families with their journey but will give us the opportunity to shape our offer.

All of the plans will be young people and family centred and we will be working closely with families to ensure we understand their needs and the solutions we put in place meet their needs. We will work closely with adult hospices and the wider sector to overcome challenges relating to the complex care needed for young people in transition and will advocate for change in the sector.

To find out more about our transition services please visit our dedicated web page.