Transition isn’t a single event, but a gradual process of supporting a young person, and their family, through their teenage years into adulthood.

Our teams are here to work with you through this process, creating a pathway that will support the whole family until your child is 25 – you won’t be alone.

We will begin working with you when your child is around 14 and we will give you the tools and information you need to navigate the system, and ask the right questions, to ensure you are receiving the support and funding that you are entitled to.

We will empower you to challenge the system and decisions if you don’t think they are right and give you the confidence to fight for your child.

We will work towards making transition a more positive experience and help you to achieve the best possible outcome and future provision.

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Practical advice and information

The pathway will include advice, support and sign posting on things like legal issues, finances, deputyship, funding, educational programmes, personal budgets, supported living, further education and care plans. We will equip you with what you need to know and when you need to know it. We will support you through the legal processes around decision-making with practical and emotional support, as well as help you troubleshoot difficult situations and be here to answer questions and concerns as they come up.

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The young person first

Age and developmentally appropriate advice and support will be given to your child to ensure they are at the centre of future decisions and plans. We will talk to them about their aspirations for the future and support them in realising them, such as university or assisted living applications. We will help to build their confidence, support networks, self-esteem and emotional resilience through workshops, events and social activities.

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Advocating for families

We will advocate for you if you are struggling, in crisis or find yourself in a difficult situation that you cannot get out of. We will support you when you need help or if you don’t feel like you have the energy to fight any more. We will make sure you don’t feel alone or discarded as your child reaches 18.

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Linking up with other families

We will provide opportunities for you to link up with other families going through transition to create support networks and friendships We will invite you to workshops (both virtual and in person) with families who have been through transition. They will offer invaluable advice and answer practical questions you will have.

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Educating others & joined up working

We will work with healthcare providers and adult hospice professionals on how to support young people with complex medical conditions. We will work closely with a range of organisations and agencies within your local area to give you choice and control over how and where to access care within adult services. We will work to create a seed change in attitudes over what quality of life looks like, to make hospital visits and medical appointments more constructive and less stressful.

Want to discuss further?

If you are receiving care from Demelza and would like to speak to someone about the transition pathway, the transition team is contactable by calling 01795 845280 every working weekday from 10am – 4pm or by emailing