In recognition of National Bereaved Parents Day, Jo Burton, Therapeutic and Bereavement Lead, reflects on the many emotions this unimaginable experience can bring.

National Bereaved Parents day, a day which no parent wished described them... a day that does not inspire celebration or a wish to belong… but one which connects in thought all those who have experienced the unimaginable… whether known or unknown, bereaved parents have an insight into the pain experienced by others…an insight unparallel to any other grief.

Finding opportunities to come together, to share, to listen to remember is invaluable and can help to bridge the loneliness within grief that is often experienced. Sometimes parents find strength in navigating this difficult time together, although sometimes the paths become separated, if only for a while, with each lost in their own pain, reinforcing the unique challenge of navigating grief. Wherever you are on your path be patient and kind with how you are feeling. Give yourself permission to think, to cry, to smile, to laugh and try to connect with yourself and others.

And for those who have not experienced the death of a child, National Bereaved Parents Day is an opportunity to reach out to others that you know who have, to take a breath and hold the conversations we worry about having…to offer time, to find a space to talk about the baby, child or young person who has been taken too soon and to let bereaved parents know that you are there.

Demelza offers support throughout the year to Demelza families, recognising that each day presents new challenges and that the right time to connect and seek support is unique to each family. 

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