Inspiration comes in many forms and for Harry, it comes from his seven-year-old cousin, Mia. 

When Mia was born, she suffered a serious brain injury, which lead to her being diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Because of this, Mia cannot walk and is non-verbal. Harry shares: "She doesn’t let this affect her - she is the happiest soul I know and I couldn’t be prouder of her. She was my little fighter and now she’s my biggest inspiration in day to day life."

In October, Harry will be joining Demelza's team of runners on the start line of the world-famous London Marathon. He'll be running for Mia and all the children just like Mia who rely on Demelza's care and support.

Mia, sitting on her mum's lap, with her dad, on holiday.

How Demelza has supported Mia's family

Harry explains: "Demelza did so much for Mia when she was younger; helping her with therapy and interacting with other families who face problems too. Demelza gave respite to Mia's mum, Liz, and dad, Matt, and as a family couldn’t be more grateful for the help Demelza offered Mia."