Holistic support for health and wellbeing

Therapies at Demelza can help you, your child and your family to express emotions that are too difficult to put into words, through art and music.

You can access these therapies both online and face to face but for those not wanting to take part in one-to-one, family or group sessions, we offer ‘The Creative Hour’. These sessions encourage all family members to explore their creativity in fun and interesting ways.

To enquire about booking an art or music therapy session, get in touch with us.

Creative therapies

Our therapists use a range of therapeutic styles and approaches, which can help you manage the challenges of living with a child with a serious or terminal condition.

Creative therapies give space for laughter and tears. It's about enjoying and being in that moment and creating lasting memories.

Creative sessions have meant that families have heard their child sing for the first time, or become relaxed after a difficult time.

Award winning

Art and music therapists are post graduate qualified and registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC). The Markel 3rd Sector Care Awards 2020 recognised how our creative therapies run through everything we do and awarded us the category.

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Therapies at Demelza

Bethany in the art room with a Health Care Assistant

Art therapy

Art therapy sessions will give you, your child and family the opportunity to use creativity as a way to explore and express your emotions and deal with difficult experiences.
Hallie laughing whilst playing the piano

Music therapy

Music therapy sessions at Demelza will open up wonderful possibilities for engagement and interaction for you, your child and family.