Perhaps you could you be our next influencer?

At Demelza, we work with a range of bloggers and influencers; from those with a small, niche following, to those who whose social media following is larger than Demelza’s! All of them bring huge value to the projects we work on with them. Take a look at some of our most recent influencer activities to see how you can get involved. 

Raising awareness for new charity shops

Clothing rails in the Heathfield shop.

A lot of the influencers we work with are thrifty, pre-loved fashion lovers!



They love shopping in charity shops and know that Demelza’s charity shops are treasure troves for second-hand fashion with a good cause behind the reasonable price tag.

We invite local influencers to our new store openings; to see what bargains they can find and to promote the shop on their social media channels. These people have a like-minded audience who will follow in their footsteps, visit our shops and purchase their own pre-loved items! Every penny goes towards helping the children and families Demelza supports, so this is an invaluable way to support Demelza.

You can find your nearest shop to visit (and shout about it online!) here.

Event participants

Some influencers we work with are thrill-seekers and activity addicts, or general challenge enthusiasts. 



So it’s a win-win when we ask them to participate in one of our many Demelza events and challenges.

Very often, these influencers have friends who they’ll also rope in to join them on the challenge. Between them, they raise a lot of awareness about the events and challenges that Demelza have, not to mention achieve an incredible fundraising amount.

Thanks to our incredible Events Team, a lot of our event participants have such a good time that they sign up for another event in the future! Sound like something you’d be up for? Take a look at our Events and Challenges calendar.

Tandem skydivers in the sky.

Demelza’s Mystery Bag of Books

Mystery Bag of Books

You may have seen, Demelza has recently launched a Mystery Bag of Books!

You can purchase these from our online shop or our Herne Bay Charity Shop. A Mystery Bag of Books contains a surprise bundle of four, pre-loved, fiction books for just £4.

For this product launch we asked some book bloggers and vloggers to review their mystery bags and reveal their four surprise books. Not only does this help spread the awareness of our Mystery Bag of Books, but it also encourages others to purchase their own and continue spreading the word about all the amazing items available to buy on our website!

Tempted? Grab yourself a Mystery Bag of Books today.

Style challenges – coming soon!

A new way we’re working with influencers is setting style challenges...

...Could you find a spring outfit from one of our Demelza charity shops for under £30? Keep an eye on our social channels over the coming months for the results!

A leopard print blouse of a mannequin.

All of the influencers we work with do this activity unpaid and in their own time.

They are a huge part of #TeamDemelza and they help make it possible for us to continue supporting the children and families who need us most. To all of our wonderful supporters, thank you.

If you think you’d be a good fit for working with us in a blogger, vlogger or influencer capacity, please get in touch! Either by emailing us on the button below, or message us on social media.

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