Fundraising is a great way to bring your local community together.

This is why we’ve put together five fundraising ideas for community groups. So, grab a cup of tea and get inspired!

Put on an event in your local area 

For this fundraising idea your imagination is really your limit! Your event could be a tried and tested comedy night, curry night, musical evening or perhaps a murder mystery evening is more up your street. Why not create a calendar of events for the year together with a bit of variety to engage with different people in the local community?  

Or take some inspiration from Keiron and his family and put on an extravagant display for Demelza in your local community and encourage people to come along and donate. The family's awesome Halloween Display raised an incredible £2,617 over the period of three nights.  

Our top tip: make sure that you tag Demelza in any social media posts you create relating to your event, so we can celebrate the fabulous fundraising you are doing!  

Hold an Easter egg hunt or treasure hunt in your area 

A great fundraising idea is to hold an Easter egg hunt or treasure hunt in your community. A local park is a great location for this. Ask for a small suggested donation from families to take part and be in a prominent location so that you catch families passing by. Prior to the Easter egg hunt or treasure hunt promote it heavily on local community boards, Facebook groups and in the local area, so people know that you’re going to be there.  

Our top tip: if you know any schools or children community groups asking them to promote your event is a great way to create some buzz.  

Have a picnic 

Many of us have got know our local area and our neighbours better over lockdown, and there’s been a great community spirit. Why not celebrate that and have a picnic in your nearest park? Everyone can bring a dish, and because it’s outdoors it’s easy to be socially distanced. Charge a fee for joining in, and donate the money to Demelza.  

Community raffle 

A community raffle is an easy fundraising idea to do in your village or town. You can ask for donations from local people and businesses as prizes, and sell raffle tickets for a small amount. The thrill is in not knowing if you’ll win or what you’ll win!  

Our top tip: is to make sure that you let people know when you will be drawing and announcing the raffle.  

Clothing swap 

Holding a clothing swap in your local area is a really fun way to raise money for Demelza. Invite people from your local area to attend and bring a bag of their clothes that they no longer want. They can then come and have a look around everyone’s clothes and pick the one item that they would like to have (as their swap). At the end of the event whatever clothes you have left can be donated to your local Demelza charity shop. 

We hope these fundraising ideas for you community have inspired you. Head over to our fundraising in the community page to request your fundraising pack and start fundraising for us today.