The child and their family members are at the heart of every session and you will have the opportunity to lead the session if you wish. The sessions can be loud and lively or relaxing and soothing and maybe even a mixture of all of these.

Some children may choose to make up a song about how they are feeling; others will simply wish to be still and quiet in the therapeutic space, spending time away from the medical interventions they have to face on a daily basis.

In addition to instruments, music therapists may use other items, such as sensory props and music technology, to add another experience to sessions.

Victoria is singing and playing a blue guitar.

Online music groups

Online music groups with a senior music therapist take place each week for the children families.

We will provide you with details on how you can make the sessions a full sensory experience using items to feel, see, hear and smell, which are easily found around the house.

It’s an opportunity for children to continue to make music, sing, dance and get support, even if they are unable to attend in person, reducing feelings of isolation.

The benefits of music therapy at Demelza include:

Music therapy sessions at Demelza will open up wonderful possibilities for engagement and interaction for you, your child and your family.

  • Communication - Some of the children and young people may find it difficult to communicate verbally so music can be an amazing tool for communication without the need for words
  • Self-expression - Music therapy sessions offer a time and space for children to explore, identify and express their feelings – all through the power of music and lyrics
  • Empowerment - Music therapy focuses on what a child or person can do, not on what they are unable to do
  • Choice - Demelza offers private one-to-one sessions and music therapy groups are also available
  • Memory making - Sessions offers families the opportunity to sing, dance and play together and build precious memories 
  • Bereavement support - Music therapy forms an important part of Demelza’s bereavement services, supporting families to process their grief

Lucy's Music Therapy

We look forward to these sessions every week and they are a fun start to our weekends. Being able to connect with other families taking part in music therapy has been a lifeline." - Lucy's mum, Sam, has shared their story

Lucy's music therapy
Lucy is sitting on her sofa, holding and playing her drum.

Interested in music therapy sessions?

If you're an existing Demelza family you can get in touch with us to book on to a music therapy or art therapy session.