Art therapy sessions will give you, your child and family the opportunity to use creativity as a way to explore and express your emotions and deal with difficult experiences.

For many, it can be easier to use a non-verbal form of communication, such as art, to make sense of experiences. The art work created in art therapy sessions is led by the individual or family, and provides a focus for communication or discussion with our art therapists.

Art therapy is available to anyone that accesses Demelza’s services and we can offer individual and family sessions.

Benefits of art therapy

The benefits of Demelza art therapy include:

  • Self-expression

Provides a safe space to express challenging thoughts and feelings bought by the individual or family accessing the sessions

  • Independence

Promotes a sense of independence and feelings of control

  • Choice

Demelza offers private one-to-one sessions but art therapy groups are also available

  • Acceptance

Supports children, young people and their families to find some acceptance of their situation, so they can move forward positively

  • Peer interaction

Offers opportunities to interact with peers in group sessions and a shared experience if desired 

  • Emotional support 

Provides safe space to express, talk and think of difficult emotions including stress and anxiety

  • Bereavement support

Art therapy forms an important part of Demelza’s bereavement services, supporting families to process their grief

  • Self esteem

Helps build confidence

Art therapist, Rachel, painting.

Art therapy groups

To ensure art therapy is accessible to everyone, we offer a combination of virtual and face-to-face sessions.

Your children will use bits and pieces found around the house for virtual sessions, bringing out their creativity and imagination in some fantastic ways.

Interested in art therapy sessions?

If you're an existing Demelza family you can get in touch with us to book on to an art therapy or music therapy session.