What to do next

Making a Will is usually straightforward and inexpensive. As with any legal document it is best to seek professional advice.

If you do not have your own solicitor, you could ask family or friends for a recommendation or search online for a local solicitor.

Working out the value of what you have to leave behind is an important first step to making or updating your Will. Download our asset checklist for help with this.

Types of legacies

The main ways to leave a gift to Demelza in your Will are:

Residue Legacy

A share of your estate (also know as a residuary gift), the value of which is determined once all cash gifts and gifts of specific items have been paid. An advantage of this kind of gift is that its value tends to change in line with the value of your estate. 

Cash Legacy

A cash sum of a fixed amount (also know as a pecuniary gift).

Item Specific Legacy

A specific item of value, for example jewellery, paintings, antiques, vehicles. Generally we will arrange for such gifts to be valued and then sold to raise funds to support the care we provide. 


If you already have a Will, you can add a gift to Demelza by getting your solicitor to prepare a supplement called a codicil. Follow this link for our codicil form.


If you would like to leave a gift in your Will to Demelza, please provide your solicitor with the following details:
Name: Demelza Hospice Care for Children
Address: Rook Lane, Bobbing, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 8DZ
Registered charity number: 1039651

To discuss leaving a gift in your Will or for more information, please contact Lisa Clark, Legacy and In Memory Fundraiser on 01795 845275 or email