Whether you’re a busy teacher or an inspired student, why not consider fundraising for charity?

Your support can help Demelza provide specialist care and emotional support at our hospices and in family homes.

Every penny you raise means we can continue to provide vital care and support for children with serious or terminal conditions and their loved ones. It will all make a big difference.

Visit out main fundraising page for our full list of fundraising resources.

Design a card

Get the children at your nursery to draw some pictures, and create cards from them. Sell them in a pack and donate some of the money to Demelza. Parents, grandparents and families love to see the creative work of their little ones.

Hold a treasure hunt

Everyone loves looking for treasure. Hide goodies and gifts around the garden of your nursery, charge a small amount for entry, and let children go hunting for the prize. It doesn’t have to be an Easter Egg Hunt – it works at any time of year!

Old fashioned sports day

Why not do an old fashioned sports day with egg and spoon race, sack race, and even tossing a bean bag? Young children will love it, and it will bring back memories for parents. Charge a small amount for entry, and have a tea, coffee, drinks and snacks stall.


Take a quiz home

Send home a quiz and fill them in as a family. Charge a small entry fee, and the winner is the one who gets the most right. If you’ve got a nursery school full of clever people it might have to be a lucky dip!

Choose Demelza as your house charity

If your houses or classes have chosen charities for the year, why not make the case that Demelza should be it? That means throughout the year you can be fundraising – and every little adds up. Everything from non uniform days to school discos can help raise money to fund care.


Host a bingo night

Bingo nights are great and can be enjoyed by everyone from young children through to grandparents – fun for all the family! Hold your own bingo night and donate the ticket money to Demelza. Or if bingo isn’t your thing, try a barn dance. It’s always a laugh!

Hold a bake sale

It’s a classic because it works. Who doesn’t love baking? Host your own bake sale and sell healthy snacks and delicious treats of all kinds to raise money for Demelza. You can even bake during cookery class!


Non uniform day

It’s a classic because it works. Charge everyone a small amount to come to school in their own clothes for the day. If you’re feeling brave, you could even make it a day to wear your pyjamas!

Join your RAG society

Does your university have a RAG, or Raise and Give society? Why not nominate Demelza for your next event’s chosen charity? Or go out with your best smile, a fancy dress outfit, a bucket and hit the streets on a RAG Raid? Get your heads together and see what you come up with.


Run an auction

We know that swanky balls and fancy dinners are one of the perks of university, and provide a great excuse to get dressed up. At your next university ball hold an auction of promises for our charity – the whackier the better – and raise money for Demelza.

Have a laugh

Organise a comedy night at your Students’ Union. Book a line up of hilarious acts, and charge for entry and drinks. If music is more your thing, you could host a gig instead!  It’s a really good way of getting people to test their talents and have fun doing so, all while raising money for Demelza.


Organise a clothes swap

University life can leave students a little strapped for cash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat enjoy some new clobber. Hosting a clothes swap for charity is great way to have fun, get a new look and raise money for Demelza. It’s also really environmentally friendly. And anything left over can be donated to our Demelza charity shops or sold online through Depop or eBay, with the proceeds all going to Demelza.

Other ways to fundraise

Red10 employees fundraise at work for Demelza, they are wearing Demelza polka dot tops.

Fundraise at work

Whether in the office or working from home, there are lots of ways to raise money for Demelza with your colleagues and teams.
A group of people and Dottie fundraising in their community.

Fundraise in your community

Community fundraising is a great way to get to know your neighbours, bring people together, have fun – and raise funds so that Demelza.
A boy celebrates completing his fundraising challenge. He is standing in front of a football goal with a 'GO OLLY' sign.

Fundraise at home

As they say, charity starts at home. And so can your fundraising efforts. There are lots of ways that you can fundraise for Demelza at home.