The launch of our five year strategy 2022-27

This strategy focuses more than ever before on Demelza’s history of actively seeking the views and feedback from those who are the real experts; the children, young people and their families themselves.

We will strive to involve those who use or might need Demelza’s services in our decision-making and how we develop our services and ensure services are accessible to all those that need support, particularly those from diverse and minority backgrounds.

Take a look at our five-year strategy

A word from Demelza CEO, Lavinia Jarrett


We will collaborate across the health and social care sectors, with private, corporate, statutory and not-for-profit colleagues to provide seamless services to babies, children, young people and families. Working together will strengthen and sustain services that will
remain fit for purpose and best meet the aims and aspirations of those who will need them.

Of course, we cannot do any of this without the right people. Our staff, volunteers, donors, customers, partners and funders will all form an essential chain of expertise and support that we will nurture and develop to ensure we can meet all the objectives set out in this
ambitious strategy.

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Be effective

We will provide services that best meet the needs of babies, children, young people and their families. We will work to understand the area in which we work, those families who do and do not access our services and why, and explore every opportunity to ensure our services are accessible to all.

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Be responsive (do more)

We know that the prevalence of children living with a serious or terminal condition in the UK has almost tripled, reaching nearly 90,000 in just 18 years. This number is only set to grow - with expectations of it rising over the next decade and beyond.

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Extend our reach

Children in the UK with a serious or terminal condition is highest in the under-1s. An increasing number of young people are surviving to 19 (and beyond), an increase of over three-fold.

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"We are Demelza"

At Demelza, we understand we are our people. With the right people in our various stakeholder groups, we will enable our organisation to be well-led, in all respects. We will ensure we meet the ambitions and aspirations in supporting babies, children, young people, and their families.

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Strengthen and sustain

We will strive to reduce our carbon footprint, collaborate with others and embrace digital means to provide consistent, safe and equitable services. Services that are sustainable beyond the life of this strategy.