Support for Grandparents at Demelza

The grandparent and grandchild relationship is a very special one and to mark Grandparents Day, we take a look at the ways in which Demelza can support grandparents to work through their own grief.  

No grandparent expects their grandson or granddaughter to die before they do and when this happens, they may feel that they

need to care for their bereaved child, now a parent, whilst also mourning themselves. 

Speaking about their own experience, one grandparent who has used Demelza’s services shares, “Demelza opened our eyes to what a hospice is – you need to be happy at the end of your life and that is what Demelza offers. We were looked after so well – the staff wanted to make it as easy for us as they could and they made us feel so important – we were just our family in our own little bubble and Demelza gave us the space to be that. The support and the quietness helped. 

“One of the hardest things is not be able to make it better – our daughter and son-in-law were so, so brave and Demelza were so supportive – they wouldn’t have got that care or that comfort if they had gone home with our grandson or stayed in hospital and it was just what we needed. 

“As grandparents, you think of your children who are suffering, you feel their hurt – you can’t comfort them. 

“You get peace and quiet within comfortable surroundings; you get compassion and understanding from the staff; they helped with the funeral.  We knew help was there if we needed it, we had that security”. 

Grandparent support group

Our support group for bereaved grandparents is available for those struggling with their grief and to share experiences with those who have also experienced the loss of a beloved grandchild. 

If this is a service you would like to access, please contact our Family Support Team by emailing