The lucky numbers have come up for another Demelza Superdraw winner, just three weeks before Christmas!

Mum-of-three Lucy, from Maidstone, got the phone call out of the blue telling her she’d won our jackpot of more than £12,900 – and still can’t believe her luck. “I was honestly speechless when I got the phone call, I went silent on the other end of the phone! I don’t think it’s sunk in yet,” said Lucy.

Lucy started playing the Demelza Lotto and Superdraw in 2021, after meeting our Lottery team out in the wild at Demelza’s Bubble Rush fun run event. “I’ve been a Demelza supporter for years – ever since having kids, their mission just really hit home with me. I’d signed up to do Bubble Rush in 2020, and unfortunately it had to be postponed due to the pandemic, so I was really thrilled to see it come back to Mote Park in 2021.” Lucy brought her three kids along to Bubble Rush as well, saying that she wants to instil charitable values in them as early as possible. The whole family joined in the fundraising in the lead-up to the event – and had a great, bubbly time on the day!

After signing up for the Superdraw that day, Lucy played for just over a year before she hit the jackpot. “Even if I’d never won, I would’ve been glad to sign up,” she said, “because it’s for a good cause – and you genuinely don’t notice such a small amount of money every month. I spend more feeding the kids in a day than I do on the Superdraw! But you know it’s making a world of difference to the families Demelza supports, which is the important thing.”

Lucy plans to put the money towards a complete kitchen renovation, which she and her husband Sam have spent months trying to save for; she said the win will also make a huge difference at Christmas. “It just takes the pressure off our family at a time when money is really tight for everyone. Even our energy bill looks a little less scary now! I’m planning to keep some money saved back as well, to put toward my fundraising for Bubble Rush 2023.”

Lucy has since encouraged Sam to sign up for the Lottery too, and said she would do the same for anyone she comes across!