What better way to close out the summer holidays than with two virtual discos and a pajama party!

With a helping hand from our Family Liaison Practitioners, Senior Music Therapist, Victoria, made sure the events were fun and accessible to all, with a total of 28 children and young people attending - along with 18 siblings and 36 parents, carers and grandparents getting involved in the parties too.

Music therapy at Demelza

Oliver is a young person who regularly attends virtual music therapy groups and special events. Oliver’s mum says: “Oliver really enjoyed the disco! Thank you so much for making it happen. Oliver loves to hear his name and request it be readout. 

“He also likes to see all the other children and young people having good fun too. Music is really important to Oliver and we really appreciate these parties and all the music groups each week.” 

At Demelza, we offer a space in which children and adults can communicate and express themselves, through words if they are able to, but also in non-verbal ways through vocalisation, body language and facial expressions. 

Music therapy sessions open up wonderful possibilities for engagement and interaction for children and families who use Demelza’s services. Visit our music therapy page to find out more. 

Demelza's disco queen

Chloe raises her hand in the air in excitement, holding her silver pompom.

Demelza service user, Chloe, attended the discos with her mum, dad and brother. Chloe’s mum said: “I can honestly say we haven’t seen Chloe that happy and engaged all week! She absolutely loved the disco - it was the highlight of her week! She loves hearing Victoria’s voice as it’s familiar to her and loves seeing us all dancing along and interacting with her. 

“We love all the actions. And, bless her, Chloe was still shaking her pom-pom half an hour later! Here are some pics and a clip of a very happy disco queen…”