As we celebrate the 25th year of Demelza, volunteer Carol shares the part she has played since Demelza opened in 1998.

“I’ve supported Demelza since it opened in 1998” says Carol. “My involvement started with my office adopting Demelza as our Christmas charity and my support has continued ever since, donating at Christmas time and providing funds to help with the purchase of plants for the garden at the bereavement suite to training as a volunteer.”  

Supporting Demelza is very much a family affair - Carol’s son Mark is a volunteer too. 

For Carol, who lost her daughter Debbie, Mark’s older sister, at the age of 15 and her husband Mike suddenly in 2014, the bereavement services offered by Demelza resonate with her more than most. 

Carol says: “Everything was so different when we lost Debbie. I so wish there had been a Demelza to support us through such a terrible time. Somewhere Mark could have spent time with Debbie and said his own goodbyes. You never ever get over that loss, but to have the support that Demelza provides for bereaved families is very special”. 

Carol has found a way to support the services provided by Demelza and to honour Debbie’s memory. Debbie had a beautiful Silver Cross doll’s pram and with the help of a friend, the pram was unpacked to go to auction for Demelza. Inside they found Sasha, a doll originally from Hamleys, the iconic London toy shop. Having no idea as to their value, a decision was made to auction both on e-bay. Unbelievably, over £1400 was raised! 

Carol also volunteered for the telephone befriending service launched by Demelza as part of a bereavement support project. 

Carol says: “I’ve wanted to volunteer for a while and when Mark started volunteering he mentioned me and I was offered an interview for the telephone befriending service.” 

Carol and her family hope to continue supporting Demelza for as long as they can. “Demelza has such a special place in our hearts. It’s such a wonderful caring, happy place and I hope we can bring a little bit of happiness with what we contribute”. 

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