Guest blog from our community fundraising team

A couple of weeks ago two members of our community fundraising team, Vicky and Katie joined forces to write a guest blog on the theme of a week in the life of a community fundraiser. So, grab a cup of tea and find out more about what they have been up too.

What is community fundraising 

A week in the life of a community fundraiser is never the same, the diversity of the role is what we relish – it brings excitement and keeps us on our toes.  Firstly, before we get into the finer detail, do you know what a community fundraiser does?   

According to Goodbox (2019) community fundraising is when a large audience (the community) make multiple small donations towards a good cause, often organised and carried out by volunteers within the local area. When most people fundraise, whether that’s as an individual, group, at the office or at a school, they are often taking part in local community fundraising, even if they don’t know it. 

A week in the life of a community fundraiser

The most commonly used example of community fundraising (and one of our favourites!) is a bake sale!  Who doesn’t love starting their week off judging a staff competition at the local building supply yard? This is part of their “Help the Hospices Week,” led by their Head Office and focusing on hospices within the regions they operate.  This supporter hopes to raise £1,500 which could pay towards 25 hours of music or art therapy for a child or sibling.  After devouring a fair amount of cake, I head back to the office to plan for the rest of the week.  

The following day I head to a local school to deliver an assembly. The students have proudly voted for Demelza to be their chosen charity for the new school year, so they’re excited to hear more about their choice. I’ve been tasked with inspiring them to begin their fundraising journey with us.  

On Wednesday, I visit a brand-new Estate Agents which has opened just around the corner to the Eltham Hospice. They want to give-back to their local community by picking Demelza as their Charity of the Year and have pledged to raise £5,000 over the next 12 months. Some might consider this to be a daunting total, but that’s just what we’re here for. We work with organisations, giving them lots of fundraising ideas and support, to help them reach and even exceed their target.  

Over the past few weeks, I have been co-ordinating a number of Rotary Clubs to raise money for a project – much-needed, anti-bacterial guns for our Hospices. On Thursday evening I get to experience the famous hospitality of Rotarians, as I’m invited to a Rotary Dinner, where I’m given a speaking slot to talk about this exciting project. Talking to this group first-hand really helps us to convey what a difference their donation will make.  

We finish the week with a 6am start at a park in the middle of the community we support, in Maidstone at our Bubble Rush – we are here to support the events team who have spent many months planning and preparing to welcome 4,000 keen supporters who want to get wet and have fun running through coloured bubble stations!  I’ll be manning the car park; we have a local Rotary Club supporting us, managing the logistics of parking whilst I run the team of volunteers managing payment for the parking.   

This is just a snapshot of what life is like as a community fundraiser! We love meeting each and every one who chooses to support Demelza in this way. If you think you could do the same please do get in touch -  or 0300 365 3653