From start to finish it was an incredible experience. I now understand what people mean when they say it’s more than just a marathon. It really is the amazing volunteers and spectators that make the event so special. The atmosphere was something special.

The atmosphere was incredible. You go through all the emotions during the day, and I think with it being so long since the last London Marathon the crowd really made it feel that bit more special. Everyone was amazing. Those taking part were treated to all kinds of support from people blaring out music on their balconies, different kinds of bands and an abundance of treats being handed out.

After getting to Tower Bridge in pretty good time, I really thought I was on track for a strong finish, but I must have pushed a bit too hard. The killer cramps kicked in around mile 14 and I couldn’t shift it until around mile 22 so I limped over the finish line at 4:41. It never happened to me during my training, so I found it difficult to shift. The time I was hoping for was really a personal goal so although I was a little disappointed with that, I was incredibly proud to go over my fundraising target of £4k. So far, I’m up to £4.3k.

It’s so difficult to narrow it down to one highlight as there was so many. Obviously seeing my family and friends was emotional as it was at a point when I was really struggling and that gave me a huge boost. The support from the crowd was incredible and it was particularly special seeing people cheering me on with Demelza t-shirts and banners. I don’t know her name but there was another Demelza runner that made sure I was OK when I was suffering from cramps, so I wanted to thank her for helping me push on as I didn’t get a chance during the race.

If you’re thinking of doing the London Marathon I would say: do it! It really is a once in a lifetime experience and an amazing opportunity to raise money for an incredible charity.

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