Bride-to-be Jess got an unexpected surprise when she won the Demelza’s top lottery prize of £25k – just a few weeks after booking her wedding date!

Lottery Winner, Jess Resized

“I feel bad because I was probably a bit rude to the lady on the phone when she called to tell me – I didn’t believe her at first!” Jess says. “She went through everything on the phone with me, all my details, and eventually she convinced me that it was real.”

Jess, 26, from Kent, signed up for the Demelza Lotto and Superdraw on a whim four months earlier, when she found the Demelza lottery team out and about at The Museum of Kent Life. “They were giving out free teddies that day, and I had my little one with me, so it really was a spur-of-the-moment decision to sign up and get a teddy for her! After speaking to the lottery team, I learned a bit more about Demelza and the services they offer, and how much of a difference such a small donation can make to them in the long-term; it’s nice to know that we’re funding such important work.”

The unexpected win has left Jess and her family in a much better spot than they expected to be. “It’s absolutely amazing, £25,000 is such an incredible amount of money; everyone says you don’t think it’s going to happen, but for us it did. Our wedding isn’t until 2024, but knowing it’s 100% paid off has given us so much peace of mind. We’re planning on putting the rest of the money toward some home improvements – including an extension – which we’ve been putting off for ages. We just have a bit more freedom now, which feels amazing.”

“I’d recommend anyone to sign up for the Lotto and Superdraw, in fact I’ve already talked the ears off my friends and family about it! You don’t even notice £1 or £2 leaving your bank account every week, but you’re funding services that make a real difference in these families’ lives. Plus, you never know – you might be the next big winner!”

Our Lottery is one of the most sustainable ways you can support Demelza. To find out more and to sign up click here. Lottery | Support us | Demelza Hospice Care for Children