Fall on me

Demelza’s Fall On Me choir – starring children, families, staff and volunteers - was formed during the lockdown and has brought joy, happiness and hope through months of isolation, loneliness and fear.

Recording Fall On Me – a song originally performed by father and son duo Andrea and Matteo Bocelli – has helped Demelza parent Sam and other choir members to make memories they will treasure forever.

Online music groups

The weekly online music groups delivered by Demelza's music therapist offer a great opportunity for children to continue to make music, sing, dance and get support, even if they are unable to attend in person, reducing feelings of isolation.

There are many benefits to music therapy, from using the power of music to allow the children a safe space to express their feelings, to creating precious memories as a family. 

Behind the scenes with soloist Sam

When Demelza parent Sam, from Kent, first heard ‘Fall On Me’ by Andrea and Matteo Bocelli, she burst into tears.

It was in the height of the lockdown and she was attending a virtual music therapy session run by Demelza's Creative Services Lead, Victoria Swan, alongside her 10-year-old daughter. Sam’s only child Lucy – a precious IVF baby - has a unique genetic condition and multiple medical issues which means she is non-verbal and uses a wheelchair.

Watch as Sam shares an insight into the making of Demelza's rendition of Fall On Me.

Lucy's Music Therapy

We really benefit from the weekly music group sessions we have on Zoom, along with other families supported by Demelza. Victoria, the Senior Music Therapist, themes them each week and we learn so much. We look forward to these sessions every week and they are a fun start to our weekends. Being able to connect with other families taking part in music therapy has been a lifeline." - Sam, mum to Lucy

Lucy is sitting on her sofa, holding and playing her drum.

Demelza's Creative Services Lead, Victoria

Sam’s emotive reaction prompted her to approach Victoria, asking whether there was a way everyone could sing the track as part of the music therapy sessions that had become a lifeline to Sam, Lucy and countless other families at Demelza who were confined to their homes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Victoria says: “I thought ‘you know what?’ there might just be a way so I went away had a think, and came up with a ‘virtual’ choir”. Victoria approached Music Producer James Hawkins. James who had previously worked with Sir Tom Moore and Michael Ball, The Missing People Choir and The Military Wives, was more than happy to be a part of this new project.

The final track and accompanying video were a long time in the making and Victoria and Sam have shared an insight into what the lyrics mean to them.

Fall On Me soloists, Sam and Tanya

It was at Demelza's Kent hospice that Sam saw fellow soloist, Demelza registered nurse Tanya Aldam for a second time, after initially meeting at the London recording studio earlier in the year.

Demelza registered nurse, Tanya, sings in the Fall On Me Choir.
Tanya, who is based at Demelza’s hospice in Eltham, South East London said:

“Some time ago Creative Services Lead, Victoria, heard me singing to a child, so knowing that I loved to sing, asked me if I would like to join the Fall on Me choir. I’m really chuffed to be involved and it is an honour to be singing a solo part alongside Demelza mum Sam.

“Sam and I got to know each other during Zoom rehearsals and instantly hit it off when we met. Sam is a very special mum; she understands my role as a Registered Children’s Nurse and I understand, to some extent, what life is like for her and other Demelza parents. It’s not just the physical demands of caring for a child with complex needs but also the day to day heartbreak and how difficult and scary it can be for them.”