Our expert registered nurses and health care assistants have the training, knowledge and experience to continually assess how symptoms are managed effectively.

We take the time to truly understand the detail and what is problematic about a symptom, whether it is reflux or pain management. We use this time to get to know the families, children, and young people to enable us to pull in the right expertise to help prevent or treat physical symptoms as well as psychological, social and spiritual issues.

Many children with serious or life-limiting conditions have very complex symptoms which change over the course of their condition. We will work closely with families and professionals to monitor these changes and come up with plans to support these changes.

We will work in close partnership with their other healthcare professionals – such as GPs and tertiary paediatric palliative care teams at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust and The Royal Marsden - to ensure your child gets the best possible care.

Need support with symptom and medication management?

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Personalised nursing care

We offer personalised nursing care and individual support, putting your child and family at the centre. We are flexible and responsive; taking into account your child’s specific needs and what you need as a family.

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Individual aims

We know that what is a good outcome varies from family to family. We assess individual aims and wishes, so that you all receive the support you need. Our aim is to create a package of support that is as bespoke as possible, within our resources and provide care on an individualised basis.

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Medication management

It is likely that your child will require medication for their complex condition. Our nursing and care team is able to administer their medication in a safe and controlled setting.

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Mohammed-Yahya's Story

“What quickly became clear, was that the Demelza team weren’t just lovely, caring people; they also clearly had the most exceptional medical knowledge and experience of caring for babies like Mohammed Yahya. They knew exactly how to care for him, and they trained us too.” Mohammed-Yahya’s Parents

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