Jack and a Registered Nurse walking down the care corridor at Demelza Kent.

Moving from hospital to hospice

Demelza can support you to make a smooth transition from an acute hospital environment, to our more ‘home-like’ hospice setting, while preparations for care are made at home. Our care teams can offer you support, advice and training on new regimes of medication and care, enabling you to gain competence and confidence before going home with your child.

Jack receiving Care at Home from a Demelza health care assistant.

Moving from hospital to home

Our registered nurses can offer sessions in your home for advice and training, if a stay at the hospice is not appropriate.

A registered nurse and a health care assistant sit on a grey sofa, wearing medical masks.

Collaborative working

Our team will work closely with other health and social care providers to ensure your child receives the best possible care and support throughout their journey from hospital, to hospice and eventually to home. Like all of Demelza’s services, the individual needs and wishes of you, your child and family are at the centre of all decision making.

A boy and his dad sit together on a red sofa at Demelza.

Finley's step down care story

“Finley was hospitalised with pneumonia. We don’t have a support network around us so Demelza is crucial; it is our lifeline. We were at breaking point and desperately needed help so Demelza agreed for him to stay for four nights to recuperate.

When we pulled up to the hospice, Finley’s body went tense and I could see the pure excitement on his face. He hadn’t been in a long time because of the pandemic but he knew straight away where he was. I also felt a huge sense of relief knowing he would be receiving the best possible care.

A few days later, Finley’s dad, sister and I all tested positive for COVID-19. It was agreed the hospice would be the safest place for Finley, where the care team could nurse him to health and lift his spirits. During his elongated stay, Demelza nurses brought fun to Finley’s room and ensured he had plenty of video calls with us.

I was fraught with worry. I felt so poorly and all I wanted was to be with Finley. But he couldn’t have been in a better place. He isolated in his room but he didn’t go without; the nurses brought amazing projectors and floor mats in and he was able to spend time in the garden.

The nurses put themselves at risk to ensure Finley got the care he needed and I will forever be thankful to them. It made a very difficult time in our lives, bearable.”

Want to enquire about step down care?

If you're an existing Demelza family you can get in touch with us to enquire about step down care.

If you're not currently supported by Demelza, complete our referral form to see how we can help.