The best place for a child

At Demelza, the safety and wellbeing of babies, children and young people is paramount. We offer placements when a child cannot be safely cared for at home. We look after them at Demelza until a place of safety can be met.

Collaborative working

Demelza works closely with local authorities to ensure the right place is found to suit the needs of the child or young person. We will also work with social services, to carefully manage these placements.

Advocates for a child

If a child is temporarily placed at the hospice, our care teams are able to advocate for the child and support appropriate family contact.

Need to reach out to us?

If you're an existing Demelza family you can get in touch with us about social care placements.

If you're not currently supported by Demelza, complete our referral form to see how we can help.