At Demelza, we are aware that respiratory infections can be potentially dangerous, especially to those who have a severely low immune system or underlying respiratory conditions. We want to make sure that we offer a safe environment for families who visit our sites so have outlined the following infection prevention and control procedures for families and Demelza employees.

For families

Families that are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness and are due to use Demelza services should follow the guidance below depending on your circumstances.

For families who are due a residential stay, are attending a therapy session, being visited by a member of the community care team, or attending an event you should:

  • Reschedule the session or stay until there are no symptoms present including no high temperature

For families who are resident at a Demelza site:

  • You will be asked to collect your child/ren and take them home if possible
  • If the child needs to stay on-site, they will need to isolate in room and staff will wear PPE (apron, gloves, eye protection, and surgical face mask)

For families receiving end of life care:

  • If you are resident, you will be asked to remain in a bedroom where you can have access to outdoors. Masks will be required when moving outside of the room to family accommodation.

For clinical delivery employees

If Demelza employees feel unwell, they are advised not come to work. They should not return to work until they no longer have symptoms, they feel well and have not had a temperature for 48 hours.

If they have a dry continual cough (but otherwise well) we request a mask to be worn. If you would like a member of the nursing and care team to wear a mask, then please just ask.

Testing for COVID-19 is not required but is recommended for those who have been informed by their GP/ Consultant that they are more vulnerable. If a Demelza employee tests positive they must not return to work for five days (unless they have had a negative test result) and when they have no related symptoms.

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