What is Demelza?

When families are struggling to cope because their children have a serious or terminal condition, Demelza provides specialist care and support, bringing them back from breaking point. 

Our hospices in South East London and Kent, and our homecare service in East Sussex provide tailored care to babies, children and young adults. Our facilities, nurses, therapists and dedicated volunteers give families the time and space to feel like families again.

Our services

We strive to give the babies, children and young people we support and their families the best life possible. Our care services and facilities focus on promoting personal freedom and choice, giving our children the chance to express themselves, have fun and feel involved without ever compromising safety. Through around the clock care, play and therapy, the Demelza team supports parents in providing what each child needs, in the way that’s best for them. 

We know so many parents have deep reservations about handing over the care of their children to someone else, and we understand it is hard to visit a hospice because it traditionally means the end of life. But at Demelza, we work every day to show our families we’re about supporting them to experience the joy in life, for however long that might be and in whatever way they can.