Juergen Teller photographs Demelza Kids

During 2018, internationally acclaimed photographer Juergen Teller collaborated with Demelza and Arena magazine for an exclusive photo series, featuring just a few of the children who benefit from our specialist care and emotional support.

At Demelza we need to grow. We need to reach more families who desperately need help but to do this we need to let far more potential supporters know about our work.

It was this need for creating greater awareness that brought us to Juergen.

We wanted to hold an important and compelling exhibition of photographs showing our children and we were thinking big, we wanted one of the world’s leading and most exciting photographers of the era, we wanted Juergen Teller.

In truth, we thought we didn’t stand much of a chance but sometimes you just get lucky!

With his global and crazily demanding diary, Juergen has somehow made time to make numerous visits to our 2 hospices at Eltham and Sittingbourne and even travel to our families’ homes when it was too demanding for them to make the journey to the hospices.

He has given up so much personal time to do this amazing thing for us, working weekends and nights.

Juergen made our children and families feel at ease. It can be a stressful environment at times to work in but he always put our children right at the heart of his visits, chatting to them- even if they were not able to chat back- and making the experience fun. Our families who participated knew of Juergen’s work and generously welcomed him in to capture some precious moments with their children.

We were thrilled that Juergen agreed to do this project but what we had no expectation of was his kindness and total conviction, using his unique skills and ability, to create awareness amongst a whole new and powerful group of potential supporters  that will enable us to help many more children and families make the most of their often limited but incredibly special time together.

Juergen Teller’s generosity has left an everlasting impression on the staff at Demelza. When we thanked him and worried about the impact on him, he just said that he would make the time, that this was important, that he would keep on making the time to deliver this incredible piece of work on our behalf. Sometimes you just get lucky and Juergen saying “yes” to helping us, makes us feel very lucky indeed.

Sarah Kemsley, Head of Major Donor Relationships

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