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Chief Executive Officer

Lavinia Jarrett

Meet Lavinia

Vin has worked at Demelza since 1999 and has been part of helping the organisation grow and develop its services and has been instrumental in developing a culture that strives for excellence and puts children and families at the centre of decision-making.

Prior to joining Demelza, Vin worked in primary care, developing local outreach services for both proactive and reactive healthcare needs and commissioning services from NHS Trusts and providers that best met the needs of local patients.

Vin is committed to utilising people’s skills and channelling their commitment. “One of the best parts of my long history at Demelza is the people I have had the pleasure of working alongside. Thousands of volunteers over the years have generously dedicated a great deal of time and heartfelt effort to make Demelza the place it is today and our employees are similarly dedicated to providing an excellent service for the children, young people, and families who need our support”.

Vin became our substantive CEO in February 2022, after holding the interim post for 10 months, and launched our new, five-year strategy in the same year.