Strategy & Annual Report


For life to be better for children and young people who have serious or terminal conditions; and for their parents, brothers and sisters, and those who love them, to receive support. 


To provide specialist care and emotional support for babies, children, young people and the whole family from diagnosis, during day to day family life, times of crisis, end of life and through bereavement.

To influence the care and support provided by others.

The impact we make

Our Strategic Goals 2016 - 2021

1. Do more: 
Care for more babies, children and young people, continue to improve the quality and choice of specialist care and therapies available to families, and demonstrate the difference we make
2. Care at home: 
Provide much more nursing and supportive care in the child or young person’s own home, whilst improving access to amazing facilities at our hospices
3. Excel: 
Deliver outstanding quality, with effective governance and infrastructure
4. Influence: 
Improve the overall quality of paediatric palliative care by extending and developing collaborative working with other health and social care providers
5. Promote: 
Raise our profile to better explain what we do, and the extraordinary lives of the children and young people we work with
6. Resource:
Support and develop our staff and volunteers, and raise the money we need to sustain current work and assure our long-term future