Demelza Kent

Demelza Kent provides professional, specialist, one-to-one care and support and access to life-enhancing facilities for babies, children and young people up to the age of 19.

Set in beautiful grounds and with serene gardens, our Sittingbourne hospice boasts many leisure facilities and activities, making it the perfect retreat, whether for day or short-term respite residential care.

Each child who visits Demelza Kent has access to their own bedroom, with a specialist bed or cot and ensuite bathroom. The hospice also has specially adapted bedrooms, designed to enable an enhanced level of independence for young people staying with us. Parents and siblings are welcome to stay in our family accommodation, complete with kitchenette, ensuite bathroom and lounge.

Demelza kitchen staff pride themselves in providing delicious food to cater for all different tastes and specialists diets including vegetarian and halal. Our chefs have the pick of fresh vegetables from our kitchen garden.

Following a detailed inspection in 2016, Demelza Kent was rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission. Read the full report.  

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Facilities at Demelza Kent include:

Hydrotherapy pool


Our lovely pool, with warm water, hoists and ramps, enables children and young people to swim with their family, which they are often otherwise unable to do in a public pool. The warm water supports much of a child’s body weight and can increase circulation, reduce muscle spasms and relieve pain. On Sundays the pool is opened to non-resident families supported by Demelza to have fun together from 9.30am-3.30pm. Sessions are supervised at all times.

To book in for a Sunday swim please call 01795 845201.

HMS Demelza


Ahoy, me hearties. Our HMS Demelza wheelchair accessible playground offers budding buccaneers the ultimate playtime experience. Children can come aboard a pirate ship complete with mast, crow’s nest and warning bell, chill in the beach area hammock and have lots of fun on the swings and roundabout.

Soft play


This valuable, bright and colourful facility gives children in our care a safe and fun space for family time using sensory play.

Music room

A room full of musical equipment from a piano through to a drum set, plus recording equipment for laying down tracks. The space is used for group sessions or for one-to-one music therapy.

Art room

A lively, colourful space where children can have art therapy or just get really creative.

Sensory room

Our sensory room offers children a safe and colourful environment for play, therapy and relaxation.

Computer room

This is a fully equipped facility with networked computers, which are also fitted with special needs equipment such as touch screens and adjustable tables. All the computers have parental control software installed.

TIZ room

The Inclusion Zone (TIZ), designed and named by young people supported by Demelza, has everything they need to give them their own fun space and independence during their stay.

Cinema Room

The cinema room is very popular, offering a great range of movies to choose from including the newest blockbuster releases. The room has lots of comfy chairs and bean bags making for a much more comfortable and personal experience then visiting a local cinema. 

Eye Gaze

Eye Gaze uses eye-tracking technology to enable children to use a computer with just their eyes. This magical technology can open up a world of possibilities to a child visiting Demelza, helping them to escape the confines of their condition. It can help them to play a game, paint a picture or even communicate with their family - maybe for the first time. 

Magic Carpet

Demelza Magic Carpet

Demelza’s ‘Magic Carpet’ projects interactive games and images onto the floor and children can play with and control the games by simply moving on or over the projected image. There are a variety of settings that can transport children to a whole new world of surroundings -  they can enjoy sweeping away autumn leaves, watch tropical fish swim around their toes or even fly to the moon and float amongst stars and planets.

Games consoles

Demelza Games Console

Demelza has an Xbox One and PS4, with a fantastic range of games that are updated regularly. If there is not a game to suit a certain taste then anyone staying at Demelza is welcome to bring their own games to play. The PS4 console can also be connected to the internet so children and young people can connect with friends and family, just as they would in their own homes.