Helen Rolls Demelza Hospice Care for Children
Helen Rolls Demelza Hospice Care for Children

‘Why I chose Demelza’

If you are interested in joining #TeamDemelza please visit our current vacancies page. To find out more about what it's like to be part of #TeamDemelza, who better to explain the rewards of working for Demelza Hospice Care for Children than our fantastic nurses?

Demelza Kent’s Care Services Lead, Helen Rolls has been part of this fantastic team for the past 12 years. Helen first came across Demelza when a young boy she had been nursing at Maidstone Hospital was transferred to our hospice in Sittingbourne, and she visited to return some personal possessions he had left behind.

“When I saw the hospice, I realised this was what I really wanted to do – to give these children that special kind of care,” she says.

Trained in the NHS, at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London, before progressing to paediatric care, Helen joined Demelza 12 years ago. She immediately recognised a different style of care.

“The job is more emotional but more fulfilling than hospital nursing. You feel you’ve done a better job, a proper job in the time that you need to do it - and that you’ve helped make someone else’s life better.  As nurses we want to provide holistic care but I don’t think I actually managed that until I came to Demelza, because there simply isn’t time for one-to-one, personalised care on a ward.
 I feel extremely privileged to work for Demelza. We help families create precious memories.”

Danni Kerin, Palliative Care Nurse at Demelza Kent in Sittingbourne, explains why she loves working at Demelza.

“Before coming to Demelza I worked on a hospital children’s ward for 15 years. I loved working with children but I got frustrated at not having time to spend with the families. It’s totally different here. Palliative care is about focusing on quality of life, for the child and the entire family. 

“But whatever I am doing, there is always time to listen. I took this job because I wanted the chance to use the skills I gained doing a foundation course in counselling as well as my nursing skills. 

“Of course sometimes that means supporting families through the loss of their child. That’s not something you get used to, but at least if you have built up a relationship you have the comfort of knowing you have helped make it as positive an experience as possible, building up memories and giving them time to concentrate on their child and let us take care of everything else.” 

Melissa Day joined Demelza as a Palliative Care Nurse seven years ago when we opened Demelza SEL in Eltham.

"The thing that attracted me to children’s palliative care was the opportunity to provide one-to-one quality care with seriously ill children and their families. I am very lucky to be able to work at Demelza and help to create precious memories, especially when time is short. 

"There is something very special about learning how to communicate with non-verbal children and I find it so fulfilling seeing children in our care respond so positively to music and art therapy. There is nothing better.”

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