The role of a nurse at Demelza is varied with our offering of a wide range of services to support children and family, including end-of-life care, symptom management, short breaks and respite, care at home, memory making and step-down care. Each of these areas comes with their own specialities and our nurses tailor the support we provide to the child and family.

Our nursing and care team is the heartbeat of Demelza and with compassion and expert clinical care all wrapped up in one they give children and families the vital support they need.

Donna Mole has worked as a paediatric nurse with Demelza for 13 years. We caught up with her to find out what she thinks the role of a nurse at Demelza is:

“Working in the community can be so varied and change from minute-to-minute, depending on the needs of the children and families. What may start out as a calm office-based day, can often end up with visits to a family home, to support health care assistants with competencies, or medication changes. Crisis intervention and end of life care will always be prioritised, and if I am honest I would rather be out and about with the children, than being sat behind a computer.

Donna, Lead Nurse at Demelza, in the garden

“I love all aspects of my job, but working in the community means that you are with just one family at a time. During that visit, you can dedicate the time just to them and provide quality care, without being pulled away to other tasks.”


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