Right now we can only support 1 in 10 families who need our help.

We know Demelza’s care makes an enormous difference to how children, young people and families cope when facing life caring for a child with a serious or terminal condition.

Our nursing team is the heartbeat of Demelza, and with compassion and expert clinical care all wrapped up in one they give children and families the vital support they need. Our nurses pass on their knowledge and equip those closest to the child with the confidence and skills to manage their child’s symptoms and complex medical needs in the hospice and at home.

When time is short, our nurses compassionate care help families make lasting memories, and, when the time comes, they draw upon their clinical expertise to make end of life care as bearable as possible. We want to be able to support more families in your local community, but we need your help to do this. 

Will you help by making a donation to The Nursing Appeal?

Katie Stevens

Katie's story

Katie Stevens, Deputy Director of Nursing and Care shares why she is supporting The Nursing Appeal and her hopes for the future.

Charlotte Parry-Jones

Charlotte's story

Find out more about why Charlotte Parry-Jones, Parent Carer Trustee is supporting The Nursing Appeal and why it is so important to her family.

The role of a nurse at Demelza

The role of a nurse at Demelza is varied and each area of care comes with its own specialities. Our nurses tailor the support we provide to each child and family they work with. We caught up with Donna Mole, paediatric nurse of 13-years, to find out what she thinks the role of a nurse at Demelza is.

Abdul & Jamila's story

"We were shattered when we found out our little boy had Edwards' syndrome. Having the support of Demelza was a relief. Demelza nurses weren’t just lovely, caring people; they also had the most exceptional medical knowledge and experience of caring for babies like Mohammed. They knew exactly how to care for him, and they trained us too."
A small baby, sleeping, snuggled in blue blankets.