Blue Scorpion Demelza Corporate Partner
Blue Scorpion Demelza Corporate Partner

Blue Scorpion

Blue Scorpion's roots come from over 45 years combined in-house expertise working with major retailers, acquirers and payment service providers. They use their extensive industry knowledge to help retailers maintain, or gain, their PCI DSS compliance quickly and cost effectively through managed services.  Their WiFi managed service is multi-faceted and has the added benefit, through ODM analytics, of assisting retailers in driving and increasing footfall.

Blue Scorpion began a multi-year partnership with us in January 2017. They not only support us with financial donations but also provide us with a huge amount of pro-bono support. They co-hosted and led our first Business Breakfast in October this year, focussing on GDPR issues and readiness, they gifted and fitted the cabling network at our Eltham Hospice extension and they have branded their vans with the Demelza Logo along with assisting us with our merchant services. 

“As we continue growing from strength to strength, building our business through acquisition, it is ever more important for Blue Scorpion and EIT to retain a true sense of ‘Community’. 

Our core beliefs centre around our ability to help our customers and partners improve and protect their virtual and physical environments through network security tools and high quality installations. 

The money we make from this as a business, allows us the latitude to give back to the community through support for our chosen charity of Demelza. 

Nothing is more rewarding and satisfying to the Blue Scorpion / EIT senior team, than to see benefit being derived from the time, solutions and services we provide to Demelza, translating into a better way of life for the families and children coming under the Demelza team’s care.”
Nigel Tanner, CEO - Blue Scorpion & EIT

Demelza are so greatful for Blue Scorpion's support and we look forward to learning and working with them closer over the coming years. 

For more information on Blue Scorpion please visit their website here 

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