Skydive for Demelza

An exhilarating and breathtaking way to raise money for your local children's hospice service.

Cost of the experience:

  • £100 to be paid directly to Headcorn Airfield as a deposit on booking
  • £150 to be paid in cash to Headcorn on the day of your jump
  • £160 minimum fundraising donation to Demelza – you can do this via JustGiving or a sponsorship form

Additional costs could include:

  • £140 for a camera man to record your jump
  • £25 to cover additional insurance requirements


  • If you are 16 or under you have to have parental consent
  • If you are 40 or over you will need to get a medical form stamped and signed by your GP to say you are fit to jump
  • You must be under 13.5 stone as a woman, unless you are particularly tall in which case you can qualify for the men’s weight of under 14.5 stone
  • The total jump time (from leaving the waiting area to returning to the waiting area) is 1 hour; this includes 20 minutes kit on and training, bus to the jump position and boarding
  • During your dive you generally will spend 45 seconds free falling and 5 minutes falling under the parachute
  • If your jump is cancelled due to bad weather, you have 6 months to rebook without losing your deposit

To book contact Headcorn on 01622 891670 or you can book online at where you will find an online booking form. When you book please state that you are jumping for us by putting your name followed by ‘Demelza’ i.e. John Smith (Demelza).