I met Sam during a home visit and he was keen to share this story with me…and he is happy to share it with you too…

I am going to tell you about a person who is very close to me.  He is short with blonde hair. 
When he was born he was very sick and his mum and dad were very worried about him.  They were told he would never be able to sit up on his own nor would he speak.  His mum and dad were really upset by this news and said that they would try everything to prove the doctors very wrong.  There are only 16 children in the world with his problems.  He is a unique little boy.  Sam and Letter

He makes me laugh and really happy.  He’s determined and loves music.  He is brilliant on the iPad, also choosing what he wants to watch and play and loves to ride his bike.  He loves partying at midnight and keeping everyone awake!  He loves loud music – playing it at full volume. Louie’s favourite is to play everything at once, his iPad, his iPod, his piano and shaking his bells. This little boy loves going to Dreamland and to Southend to go on the fast rides, the faster the better.

He does not like our dog Benji and hates having his teeth cleaned!  

As he began to grow he taught himself to walk with the help of his mum and dad and special walking bars and walking frames.  He loves swimming and walking in the swimming pool without holding anyone’s hands!  Even going underwater.  The doctors said that he would never be able to do any of these things.  He is fed through a tube by a button in his tummy, but he does love eating Milky Bar yoghurts.  He can eat as many as 5 or 6 a day this helps him to grow as he is tiny.

I help him choose what toys he wants to play with and two of his favourite toys being the rainbow stick and a bell stick that both make loud noises.   He loves laying on the trampoline with me jumping up and down on it this makes him laugh lots, and he feels like he is flying.  He has a carer to help mum and dad when they are at work and Nanny Rainbow helps him in the mornings getting ready for school.  

He used to go to the Royal School of the Deaf in Margate but when this closed my mum and dad were so worried they did not know what to do.  My mum came up with the brilliant idea to open her own school in our back garden.  We now have 7 children going to our school now and hopefully we will be moving to Quex Park very soon.  We are trying to build the school ourselves with the help of builders and lots of other people.  This is really exciting for us and all the children at the school. 

The person that I am talking about is Louie, my big brother.

Louie - I am your biggest fan!