A Demelza nurse, wearing a navy polo top, in the playground at Demelza.

We’re recruiting Registered Nurses to join our team, with opportunities to work in our hospices in Kent and South East London or our community teams in Kent, South East London or East Sussex. We currently have Band 5 and Band 6 vacancies.

When Heather Smith, Demelza Nurse joined us she was able to keep her NHS pension. We caught up with her to find out more about her experience of working for Demelza:

“If I had my time again, I would have chosen to move into children’s hospice care a lot sooner in my career. There is nothing more enjoyable than being a part of a team that supports a child with a serious or terminal condition to achieve something important to them, whether that is being able to go home or participate in an activity at the hospice.

“Working for Demelza is an opportunity to take a holistic approach to care. You’re looking after the whole family unit, not even just the parents, sometimes it is the grandparents, whoever is there really. At Demelza you get allocated to children and young people for the day. You do everything for that child, washing, medicines, dressing and any other elements of care they need. That personalised care and time to care is what I find really rewarding.”

At Demelza, we provide our nurses with opportunities to expand their clinical expertise surrounding complex end of life care in a nurse-led environment. Please visit our current vacancies page if you’re interested in applying for a role with us.