On Saturday 6 June a South East London family’s fundraising surpassed all expectations. Kevin Robbins came up with the brilliantly simple concept of “The 100 Challenge.” He wanted to get 100 people to raise £100 each in sponsorship on a single day, making the grand total £10,000 raised for Demelza South East London.

Entrants were given the freedom to choose their own fundraising activity, for example a run in the park in fancy dress, a stair climb challenge or flipping pancakes for an hour.

This gave people the opportunity to use their imagination, so the day saw individuals creating 100 TikTok videos, live-streaming an 8 hour endurance challenge on Euro Truck Simulator, shooting 100 basket ball hoops in an hour and the promise of a head shave once donations had hit £1,000; a total that ended up at £1,230!

Our previous CEO Ryan Campbell got involved too. For one hour only, he agreed to do whatever his two children told him to do. This resulted in him skipping around a local park wearing ridiculous clothes, clutching a giant Winnie the Pooh cuddly toy - something he thought ultimately became more embarrassing for them!

Kevin and his family know all too well the vital services Demelza provides. The whole event was in loving memory of Kevin’s nephew Sonny Robbins who passed away at the age of four in 2012 and was supported by Demelza throughout his life.

Kevin says “Sonny lived up to his name in every way, from the minute he was born he radiated an energy that was like no other, his smile was huge and even though he couldn't speak, he had a huge personality that was full of cheekiness.  When Sonny passed away it was the darkest moment our family had ever experienced but in those first few days without Sonny, Demelza was there for us all.”

After a day of non-stop fundraising, the family gathered together in a local park to let off balloons in Sonny’s honour and to celebrate not only smashing the target of £10,000 but hitting £15,000! We couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who was involved. 

If you want to get involved with fundraising for Demelza, feel free to contact our Fundraising Team with any questions on fundraising@demelza.org.uk