Chris from Kent described his £25,000 Superdraw win as ‘a bolt from the blue’ after Demelza’s Head of Lottery, Paul Booth, called to give him the good news. “I was blown away," he said. "I had to call back a few days later because I was afraid it wasn’t real, but Paul assured me it was true.”

Chris only recently signed up for both our weekly Lotto and Superdraw in Autumn last year, when he met Debbie from our Lottery team at a pumpkin carving event. “I always try to support children’s charities and causes that are very close to my heart. I’d heard of Demelza but learning about the important work they do for children in our community was all I needed to know to sign up. I was there with two of my children and found myself imagining what it must be like to be in the same boat as the families they help.”

Paul Booth, Demelza’s Head of Lottery and Gaming, gets the rewarding job of surprising winners with a phone call.

“It’s always a big moment for our Lottery Team when we get to tell one of our wonderful players that they’ve won any prize in the draw, but it’s especially exciting when I can call a Superdraw winner and give them the news myself and hear their reaction. Our players sign up to support Demelza first and foremost, so it’s always a complete surprise to them when they hear that they’ve won something! It’s a pleasure to be a part of that and we are so grateful for each and every player for their contribution to the charity.”

Chris’ win will come in handy for the family as they have recently welcomed their third child. They’ve had to cancel their summer holiday due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but are hoping that they can put their win towards one day moving to a new home with more space to accommodate their growing family!

We rely on wonderful people like Chris to help raise the funds we need to keep supporting children with serious and terminal conditions – now more than ever. Not only does your membership (from £1 per week) give us a reliable source of income to help us plan our future services, but there are lots of chances to win a prize every week – so it’s true when we say that everybody wins!

If like Chris you want to support your local children’s hospice and be in with a chance of winning £25,000, it’s so easy to get started. Simply sign up here, and we’ll do the rest. Who knows, you could be receiving a life-changing call from Paul yourself!