Fundraisers of all ages constantly inspire us with their acts of kindness, but Madeline - who is just seven years old - has quite literally been going the extra mile with her charitable activity, by challenging herself to use her daily outdoor exercise session to bring in donations for Demelza.

Madeline's motivation came after overhearing her mum Lisa, who also volunteers for Demelza, talking about how the cancellation of fundraising events would have an impact on the money needed to keep the children's hospice services going. 

"I heard my Mummy talking saying that Demelza was not going to have enough money with Coronavirus," said Madeline. "I wanted to do something to help. I asked Mummy if I could do something to get money for Demelza. We talked and I said I like being outdoors, so Mummy suggested some outdoors time everyday. After we talked I thought that A Mile a Day for Demelza was a good thing to do. Now I do a Mile a Day for Demelza."

Every day whilst in 'lock-down', the youngster will take advantage of her daily outdoor exercise session to either walk, run, skip, scoot or cycle a mile to raise funds to support children with serious and terminal conditions and their families. With help from her mum, Madeline set up a fundraising page and to date has raised an incredible £1,200 - scooting well past her initial target of £500!

"I think it’s so amazing that during these unprecedented times she wants to do something for other children," says Lisa. "I’m incredibly proud of her and can't believe how much she's raised."

It's hard not to feel inspired by this young fundraising hero! What would you challenge yourself to do? It's completely free to sign up to our virtual fundraising event, Your Challenge, Your Way and follow in Madeline's small but mighty footsteps. Check out some ideas here and join in with others in your community whilst raising much-needed funds for Demelza.

If you'd like to sponsor Madeline, you can find her fundraising page here.