Some of the children we support, like Mia, have loved being able to return to school this month. Children have spent week after week learning from home since March, but additional care needs means parents and carers have had even more demands on their time and attention.

Many more families are still home, shielding the whole household to protect vulnerable babies, children and young people. This could be the case for many more months - and interactions may be limited to virtual therapy sessions and doorstep visits.

“As the rest of the UK returns to life as we knew it before lockdown, many of the families supported by Demelza have had to make difficult decisions about returning to school. Some families, like Mia’s, feel reassured by the safety and sanctuary of their children’s schools, who understand their child’s needs and have put in every measure possible to protect them. For others, mixing with others again is simply not an option as their child is too at risk. Many siblings are also affected because they share the same household. There’s a lot for families to consider and juggle, because it can be exhausting for parents and carers who have to work, care for their child, and now home school. That’s why we offer many different kinds of support, from dedicated hours to call us for a listening ear to a whole range of virtual sessions to take the strain off of caring for children, and even sibling groups for children to socialise with others their age who know exactly how they feel. There is also a worry hanging over many families that the pandemic infection rates will go up again and how they might cope with a second lockdown, which is why we’ve set up parent pop-ins for families to come together, share their concerns and experiences with their peers and with us.”

Anna Sillett, Family Liaison Lead


Every family situation is completely unique, which is why we offer tailored care and support for every child and their loved ones. We'll be there for families whatever happens, because you are there for us.