Tina Woods retired from her nursing career at Demelza in February 2019, but returned a year later to lend her skills to the children and families who need our support. Today, on  #InternationalDayOfTheNurseAndMidwife, we're celebrating the brilliant people like Tina who give their all for others. 

My name is Tina and I retired from Demelza’s care team in February 2019 after a long career working as a children's nurse from the age of 18; mostly within NHS children's services. My decision to retire was not an easy one, and during the 'honeymoon period' of adjusting to a new pace of life I decided that I missed Demelza. The void was soon filled however when I signed up as a volunteer based with the care team in Kent, assisting with mentoring new volunteers in the department. My decision to do this was as fulfilling as my experience when I first joined the care team as a nurse eight years ago.

I am married, have a wonderful family and very new Grandchildren to love and watch grow up. My hobbies are many, these include keeping busy in my garden and exercising my silky black Labradors.

I’d been listening to media reports around the coronavirus lockdown and the impact it was having on everyone’s lives. In March I received an email inviting me to re-join the nursing force on the Temporary Register held by the Nursing and Midwifery Council; an incentive driven by the Government in response to the national crisis. I wondered, ‘What could I do to help?’

My passion sits with Demelza, and I knew that the service would be impacted by the situation, so I joined the register, contacted Demelza HR, and arranged to return. I am privileged to say that I have now joined the nurse flexi-bank and have completed shifts already. I feel that I can play a part in this crisis by making a difference to children and families, and also by helping with service demands as we accept children from the London Hospitals.

That 'difference' can be big or small, but what really matters is a listening ear, experience and knowledge. I appreciate all that our organisation offers and promotes: a safe, happy and comfortable environment for one and all. Each day can be different just as family demands are different, but together as a team I know we can achieve and continue to make those special memories for children and their families. We shall all remember this Covid-19 Crisis but for me, returning to the nursing career I love at Demelza will be my own special memory.”

Tina Woods, Registered Nurse