A group of Demelza volunteers have been honoured with long-service awards in recognition of their years of dedication and commitment. The occasion was marked with a special virtual Zoom service to acknowledge the 103 people who have selflessly given time to our charity over a period of five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.

Valarie White has been with the charity since the very beginning; when Derek and Jennifer Phillips began fundraising to build a children’s hospice in memory of their daughter Demelza.

Reflecting fondly on her 27 years of service, Valerie, said: “That vision that Derek had, has come to fruition. All the staff and volunteers have kept it family orientated, which was the dream. We have a magnificent charity that has evolved over the years.”

Also present was Janey Whitlock, who described her 25 years of voluntary service as: “A great honour and a very happy time.”

All of the volunteers received a phone call from a staff representative, certificate and letter from Demelza's previous CEO Ryan Campbell thanking them for their dedication and support; especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Together the group have given Demelza a whopping 695 years in variety of roles such as mini bus drivers, housekeepers and gardeners and provided support to a range of departments including care, fundraising and retail.

Lynne Clark, Head of Voluntary Services at Demelza, said: “After a very challenging year it was wonderful to be able to acknowledge the incredible efforts of our volunteers with this special service.

“We are absolutely indebted to every single one of our volunteers – all 1,000+ of them. Because of them we are able to provide children with serious or terminal conditions and their loved ones the very best care and support. We couldn’t carry out our vital work without them.”

If you have a few hours to spare in 2021, Demelza is always looking for volunteers to do everything from helping in our charity shops to fundraising and catering. Whatever your interest, skills or experience and however much time you have to give; we hope to find the right opportunities for you.

For vacancies visit www.demelza.org.uk/volunteering or for more information please call 01795 845 170 or email volunteering@demelza.org.uk