Chef Pie's Showstopper

As the Great British Bake Off finale gets underway, we thought it only appropriate to share Demelza Chef, Pie's very own 'showstopper'.

'Pie' shares: "With the final upon us, I decided to look back at cakes I have made in the past and one definitely stood out - I was asked by some close friends if I could make them a Wedding Cake - I said yes without knowing what they wanted! So, after some conversations it was decided a “naked” Victoria sponge cake was wanted - four tiers - each cake being three cakes tall - decorated with fruit, edible flowers and using jam that their friend had produced. To which I replied 'no problem!' I then spent the next month working out how I was actually going to do it!"
A large, multilayer Victoria sponge cake, beautifully decorated with a variety of fruit.
"I made up some sample cakes and butter icing and we did a tasting session. Then all I had to do was make the cakes, transport it down to Cornwall, put it together on site and decorate it - luckily my wife was on hand for the arranging of the fruit and flowers. I can honestly say it was the most exciting baking project I have done as well as the most daunting being a friend’s wedding cake. However, I think I (we) smashed it and it came out brilliantly. However, I did say never again!!"
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