Dear all,

I wanted to drop you a quick note, as a valued friend of Demelza, to let you know what we are doing in these difficult times.

As you know we provide care for some of the most vulnerable people in society.  Obviously, our main concern is how children with terminal and serious conditions might be affected by the coronavirus crisis, including how families will cope when parents become ill and unable to provide care for their children.

As I write this we are currently providing end of life care to children, and other urgent care to families in need.  We will continue but to do so is going to involve huge changes in how we provide support, in the short-term and potentially in the long term too.  We are working very hard on what we do, how we best help, and how we join with others across the voluntary sector, NHS and elsewhere. 

At the same time, we have to protect our staff, volunteers and supporters.  We are currently reviewing all fundraising events until late summer and the events team will be in touch with further information as these plans are developed.

I know that right now you may be worried about your own health or perhaps your loved ones.  I know that those who are fundraising for us may understandably have other priorities or simply may not be able to commit in the same way they had previously.

Please take the time you need. Over the coming days and weeks, our fundraising teams will be reaching out to our supporters to let you know what we are doing, the changes we are making to our fundraising plans and asking you to commit to helping us when we start to come out of this and when you can.

We intend to re-group, put our plans in place and come back fighting.  We have to because we are needed.  There is no doubt we are going to need you as we might well be facing challenging times which in turn will affect the families we help.

For now, we’d like to say thank you for all your support and making Demelza the amazing charity it is and will continue to be.

Ryan Campbell CBE
Previous Chief Executive