The grandparent and grandchild relationship can be very special and no-one expects their grandson or granddaughter to die before they do.

As Grandparents, you may feel the need to care for your child, now the parent, whilst working through your own grief.

Our support group for bereaved grandparents is available for those struggling with their grief and to share experiences with those who have also experienced the loss of a beloved grandchild. 

Grandfather John speaks of his experience

John's grandson, Benjamin, was born with severe brain damage and came to Demelza for end of life care.

"The benefit and the accessibility is there for everybody and that is huge. It's huge to know that if you're feeling down you can just pick up the phone and have that conversation." - John

Yasmina and Health Care Assistant baking

For you and your child

At Demelza, we are here for you and we will listen to you. We've answered some of the questions you may have.
Ralph and his brother in the soft play ball pit at Demelza Kent

Support for siblings

At Demelza support is available for the siblings of a child with a serious or terminal condition.
Family Support Team

Family Support Team

Our Family Support Team have a variety of expertise surrounding family liaison, bereavement support, therapies and family events.