Family Support have a variety of expertise surrounding family liaison, bereavement support, therapies and family events.

Using our knowledge and experience, we can offer you, and your family, bespoke emotional, practical and social support.

We do this through a variety of activities, group work, 1:1 sessions and perhaps most importantly, by listening to you.

Through our work, we want to help empower you, support your wellbeing, increase your confidence and resilience and help you make memories that will last a lifetime. We continually seek feedback to ensure our work meets your needs, and in a recent family survey, 81% said they had benefitted from improved physical or emotional wellbeing from accessing our services.

Volunteer, Dave, pinning art to an announcement board.

We have a weekly timetable of activities and events for the whole family; sibling groups, a mindful café, discussion sessions, art and music groups, parent and grandparent groups and a men’s group being the newest addition.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have been running more social activities to support with the isolation that many of you have been facing and challenges with home schooling. These include reading groups, virtual parties and discos, science experiments and cream teas. We have seen the benefits of these sessions over the last eighteen months, which was reflected in a recent family survey, where 72% of families said they felt less isolated.

At the request of our families we are now offering a combination of virtual and face-to-face support to ensure we continue to offer you the choice of when and where to receive our care. You can find out more in our Family Area.

A receptionist wearing a red fleece is on the phone.

Our team can help you with the practical issues you will face. These include housing support, benefits, charity applications, support with school/college/university paperwork and many, many more.

We will help, resolve and advise where we can and for those things that we can’t, we will signpost you to relevant organisations and services who can. From there, we will help you to communicate and liaise with health, education and social care professionals.

Jack sitting on his mum's lap, reading a book together.

No one understands those difficult days more than other parents of children with serious or terminal conditions.

This is why our parent/carer groups are so important as they offer peer-to-peer support and a space to share advice, stories and experiences. You will quickly realise you aren’t alone and you will have the opportunity to form your own support networks and friendships.

You can find out more in our Family Area.

1:1 support

Listening support is available online, by telephone and in person. Our Family Liaison Practitioners also offer individual, bespoke support for your day-to-day challenges and provide a listening ear when you need it.

There have been a few times when I’ve just felt I can’t go on, and that’s when I’ve picked up the phone and called Demelza. Because they have been my lifeline, and give me the support I need when there’s no-one else I can turn to”.

A registered nurse on the phone.
Tealight candles.

Family events

We run both face to face and virtual family events throughout the year. These include social, fun activities such as trips to the beach and remembrance events such as our Candlelight and Snowdrop planting events. All offer the opportunity to make and share memories and meet other families.

You can see any updates about family events on our Family Area.

What can you expect from our Family Support Team?

‘’I felt that I had another pair of hands guiding me and keeping me buoyant. It just felt like I had a little bit of a safety net there, to be honest. Having that sense of a bit of a family, as well. They do look after you at Demelza. When your back’s against the wall and you’re really struggling – that support is vital.’’

Yasmina and a health care assistant baking together.

For you and your child

At Demelza, we are here for you and we will listen to you. We've answered some of the questions you may have.
Ralph and his brother in the soft play ball pit at Demelza Kent.

Support for siblings

At Demelza support is available for the siblings of a child with a serious or terminal condition.
The sun rises over the garden of tranquillity on a frosty morning.

Support for grandparents

At Demelza support is available for the grandparents of a child with a serious or terminal condition.